Joanne lost 3st 8lbs in 12 weeks

Some facts about me: I am a comfort eater. I am an emotional eater. I have no ‘stop’ button, I find it hard to say no, I am a wonderfully adept procrastinator and I desperately want to be healthy.

May 2016.  Possibly my lowest (and heaviest) point, I had just suffered 2 miscarriages within 5 months and had comfort eaten my way up another stone in weight…this is in addition to the previous 4 stone I had put on since getting married (at 10 stone!).

Then whilst sat in traffic in my car on the way home from work, eating a packet of crisps, resting my elbows on my tummy rolls…I had an epiphany…in front of me, on the back of a bus…was an advert for Alevere…it was like an answer to my prayers!

The next day I called. I booked in. I talked to my husband about the support I would need, both financially and emotionally. The first consultation was an eye opener…gosh, I was unhealthy. My cholesterol was through the roof (heart disease runs in my family), my blood pressure high and over a third of me was pure fat (36%). This was disheartening but also empowering. I spoke at length to the doctor who gave me the tools and information to get through the next few weeks / months.

I had a ‘before’ picture taken. I did not want to look at it. I had felt good in my size 16 ‘Maternity’ dress even though I wasn’t pregnant! It hid a lot of bumps and lumps! Now I look back and think…who is that?!

The first week was tough.

The second week was bearable.

The third week was good.

By the fourth week, I felt totally different. I was down almost a stone and a half already. I could actually fit into size 14 jeans…hurrah!!

My main issue during the first month was FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out). Initially, I felt hard done by that I couldn’t eat out, or have big evening meals with my family like we used to do. It was a mental obstacle for me to overcome that actually I didn’t need the copious amounts of food, to still be happy in their company and enjoy the night without any form of alcohol!

Then, out of the blue, it wasn’t a problem anymore…it just didn’t bother me what other people were eating / drinking. It was fine. I was fine and getting happier each day. Watching the scales jump downwards each week was exciting…I looked forward to my treatments and my chats with the lovely therapists who support you (no matter how you are feeling) relentlessly each week.

By week 9, I was so excited to reach Stage 2. This was a huge boost…I felt that I had cracked it. I knew what I was doing and it had become easy and instinctive…food choices were easy to make. I had tried lots and found my favourite sachets. I had the confidence to try new recipes and experiment a bit. I used the Alevere Forum and I highly recommend it. Getting out frustrations, proudly expressing achievements and giving genuine support to others is beneficial at all stages of the journey.

During the first 12 weeks I was doing gentle exercise for 30 mins, 5 days per week in the evenings.

Then I made another life enhancing decision. To sign up to a charity boxing match. This meant training vigorously until my fight on the 4th December.

I had absolutely no idea if I could do it. I have never hit someone in my life (nor been hit either!)

But well…if you don’t try, you won’t know.……so I gritted my teeth and went.

And I absolutely blooming loved it.

I felt great about my body, I felt lighter on my feet, I could do it! It was an amazing feeling. Never once have I felt this way about exercise. I hated going to the gym, bleakly running on a treadmill like a hamster for what seemed like hours…I never stuck at it for longer than 2 weeks!

I have something to work towards now. I have finished the Alevere Journey officially for 48 hours now. Life is good. I am training hard…I am looking forward to what the future holds. Happiness is about feeling healthy for me….the scales show a number but you cannot measure how amazing this journey has made me feel. I will continue with the treatments (I love them!) and with my follow up care. I never ever want to go back to being where I was. Whatever life throws at me, I feel equipped to deal with it. I’ve done my best and will reap the rewards, fertility wise and fitness wise. I have lost 14 inches from my waist. I have lost 4 stone. I have lost >12% body fat. My cholesterol and blood pressure are in normal range. My body works more efficiently and burns calories better and faster. I can now happily exercise for 8 – 10 hours a week. I know how to eat what I need to nourish my body and how to say no. I am not addicted to sugar anymore.

I also get to raise money for a charity very close to my heart.

For me, this boxing match is a culmination of the challenges I needed to overcome to make changes in my life. It’s my conclusion. I hope that you find yours too.

before and after weight loss 10