Alevere Therapy

What is the Alevere Programme?

Medical doctors developed the basic principles of Alevere Therapy. Focus was upon optimising the body’s natural chemistry to achieve a rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat. Importantly the body’s muscle tissue is preserved. Alevere is a non-invasive medically supervised programme that has helped thousands of people in over 28 clinics nationwide to quickly achieve their weight loss goals.

Whether you have 2 stone or 12 stone to lose Alevere therapy combines a revolutionary rapid weight loss diet with body contouring treatments using the latest medical technology. Our Ultrasound treatment targets stubborn areas of fat normally resistant to diet and LPG Endermologie improves the skin elasticity through stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibres avoiding the need for surgery.

The weight loss on this treatment programme is remarkably predictable and is calculated by the Doctor during your Initial Consultation. We perform tests using medically certified equipment to establish your metabolic rate and understand the composition of your body so we know exactly how much excess fat needs to be targeted.

In conjunction with a comprehensive set of blood tests and Doctor consultation discussing your full medical history you can be assured that you are getting the correct amount of nutrients whilst following our diet.  During your weight loss journey you will be medically observed every week with your therapist during your weekly treatments and monthly with the doctor when blood tests and body composition tests will be performed. This ensures you are safely monitored throughout your journey.

Weight loss is not only about good health but also optimising your body shape and the improvement of skin tightness.

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Alevere Success Stories

We have many success stories from past clients who have quickly achieved their weight loss goals.

The Four Principles to the Alevere Programme…

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Medical Diet

A carefully designed nutrition programme consisting of a wide range of Alevere nutritional supplements which ensure that natural purified proteins and amino acids meet an optimal daily requirement. 

A large selection of vegetables and fruit are expected from the outset and as you move through the stages of the programme foods are gradually introduced in a carefully calculated manner, ‘little and often’ is a habit taught from the outset.

Alevere Therapy Ultrasound Treatment

This is the first of the weekly treatments done on our FDA approved ultrasound machine. Specific areas of stubborn fat can be targeted by ultrasound frequencies specifically tuned to treat subcutaneous fat cells. Once the fat has been mobilized by the ultrasound treatment it is then re-metabolised by the body and used as energy, any waste is flushed out naturally through the body’s waste process.

We want you to lose inches from targeted areas as well as lose weight whilst on the diet. In fact, many clients report that they lose inches faster than they would have expected and reach lower clothes sizes than expected for any given weight loss.

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Alevere Therapy Skin Tightening Treatment

This is the second of the weekly treatments which take place immediately after the Ultrasound treatment. Collagen and elastin production is increased which tightens the skin as you lose weight. 

The ultimate aim is to be left with little loose skin. 

Whilst skin tightening results are dependent on a number of factors, including age and the amount of weight loss many of our larger patients have found there to be no need for corrective skin surgery often associated with larger weight losses. 

Alevere Therapy Stabilisation and Maintenance

This is arguably the most important stage of the programme. Conventional food is introduced in a very specific, controlled and structured way allowing your body to gradually adjust to various food groups.

This is a full circle programme; by this point you will be eating a normal, healthy balanced diet and portion control plus regularly eating ‘little and often’ is now a normal way of life.  On reaching your target your weight is stabilised which is critical to your long-term success to ensure the weight you have lost will not be regained.  We can accurately measure your body’s metabolism using specialized medical equipment and so we can tell you what and how much to eat.  This gives you the control to maintain your new weight.

We also offer the opportunity to help with long term maintenance with personal monthly follow-up appointments where we can weigh you and discuss what you’re eating and help provide continued guidance. 


*Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history, lifestyle and adhering to the Alevere program.