Success stories

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Isobel lost 4st 9lbs in 23 weeks

Over the last ten years I put a lot of weight on and I became a yo-yo dieter. I tried all sorts of diets, from a slimming group, to Atkins to the GI diet, but they all take so long, so in the end I would give up. I always took care of my appearance, even when I was big but my self esteem was low and I had a tendency to try to stay in the background. I came across Alevere by pure luck but as soon as I read the information about it, I knew it was the diet for me. I had reached the point where my joints were aching and I was becoming less active so I decided to go for it. I enjoyed the control the diet gave me, and the treatments are great – so good that I am going to continue with them even though I have finished the programme. The clinic was extremely supportive, in fact everyone was, from my colleagues to my friends and family. Everybody who sees me can’t believe the change. Now I feel like I have my old self back again, I am so much happier and more confident.
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Joanne lost 4st in 18 weeks

Before I started the diet, I hated my body, I wouldn’t go anywhere. I stopped booking sunshine holidays and started to go on sightseeing trips instead, so I wouldn’t have to worry about what I was wearing. I was also getting increasing pain in my knees. My birthday was coming up and I didn’t want to be fat, frumpy and fifty, so I decided to join Alevere. I found a good tip was to take a flask of the hot chocolate with me if I was going somewhere so I didn’t get hungry and I made a lot of soups from free vegetables. Now, not only do I have a lot more confidence, but I have been given a promotion at work, and I think the two are linked. Weight loss makes a difference to how people see you. I am also much fitter now and I don’t wear just black any more, I go for lots of colour. I used to hate shopping but now I love it.
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Joati lost 7st 4lbs in 35 weeks

I have learnt so much about myself through my journey on Alevere, lessons that will stay with me always and help me stay slim for the rest of my life. I lost 7 stone 4lbs in 35 weeks which I found incredible. I took each day as it came and told myself at the end of each completed day that I was a day closer to my target. I found using this self taught positive affirmation I remained focused, motivated and determined every day. Alevere is by far is the best thing I have accomplished. My life and who I am are so different from a year ago. I have created the life I love. Truly, The best decision I ever made. I have set the foundations for the rest of my life that will continue to go from strength to strength. I have learnt nothing is impossible and with a positive mind set, standing out from crowd you can make any dream happen, it’s all down to you and the choices you make daily. The only person stopping you from being amazing is yourself.
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Natalie lost 4st 8lbs in 19 weeks

A consultation with my doctor made me decide to become an Alevere patient – and I am so glad I made that decision. My GP refused to carry out any fertility tests on me because I was too fat, he said. I felt he was being unfair because I was fit and healthy but I became determined to lose weight. I had always been big, and at one point I got bullied at school and even attacked because of it. I have a degree in chemistry so I read the information about Alevere very carefully, and it all made sense, so I decided to go ahead. In my first week I lost eleven pounds and I lost every week after that. I was always the first to use humour as a defence mechanism about my size but I hated it inside. I appeared confident but in reality I walked around trying not to be seen. The difference it has made to me is amazing, it is as if I suddenly exist. Now I can’t wait to see that doctor’s face next time he sees me.
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Philippa lost 2st 6lbs in 10 weeks

I struggled with my weight once I passed 40 but I tried not to think about it. Then I had a health scare and found myself in an anaesthetic room being weighed, and I didn’t like what the scales showed me. I was mortified. I decided there and then that I would not hit fifty feeling fat and frumpy, I would lose the weight. I found Alevere the easiest diet I have ever done, and I have tried them all, from slimming groups to food replacement diets. I ate regularly and I found all the food palatable so it was never difficult for me. I didn’t tell my son who is at university so when he came home for Mother’s Day it was a huge shock for him. Now I have so much more energy and I feel much more plausible in my job as a health visitor. I have joined a gym and I’ve started running. I buy lots more clothes now, and I’m wearing styles I never wore before, but I spend less on them than I used to. When I was big I had to spend more to look good.
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Richard lost 5st 10lbs in 12 weeks

The hardest part of this diet is deciding it’s time to change something about yourself, but if you’re reading this then your 90% there.  I was nervous being a 30 something male in bad shape going into Alevere, but once you’re in, the staff and doctors walk you through everything, and you feel at ease straight away. With good planning and listening to the girls the diet is not hard.  I didn’t feel hungry and my energy levels were noticeably higher to myself and others.  The treatments can be fun if you chill out, listen to the music and chat away.  I would thoroughly recommend the program to anybody.
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Russell lost 5st 1lb in 17 weeks

I piled weight on after I had a bad accident at work a year and a half ago. My pelvis was broken in five places and my back had two fractures. I was immobile for six months and I still don’t have full mobility now. Because of that I was just getting bigger and bigger, and I knew it was affecting my recovery. I decided to do Alevere because it seemed really effective and fast, and much better than a gastric band because there are none of the potential dangers of that operation. Losing weight has helped me so much. I was clinically obese before. It has aided me in my recovery and it has also made me feel a lot better about myself. I still walk with two sticks at the moment but if I was the weight I was before I could have been using a wheelchair by now. The team at the clinic are like old friends to me, I have only good things to say about them.
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Sue lost 3st 4lbs in 18 weeks

For years I tried every diet on the market, starting when I was 11 years old. By the time I was 50 I was three stones overweight and feeling really low. I didn’t think I was ever going to be the healthy person I wanted to be. I decided to try Alevere after talking it over with my husband Gary. He told me to go for it, he was really supportive. I found the diet easy tasty and satisfying, the easiest of all the diets I have done. I lost over three stones in as many months. Now I am the same weight as when I got married 20 years ago but, because of the treatments, not the same shape – I can wear size 10 skinny jeans. I feel happy and confident and beautiful. You can see it in my face, and when I look in Gary’s face I can see it in his.
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Erica lost 3st 7lbs in 16 weeks

“That’ll never happen for me…it’s the type of thing that only happens to other people”, the Alevere advert had me believing I could wear shorts on holiday in a few months…and I did and I felt fantastic. I’m a 46 year old housewife in a happy and stable marriage with two wonderful children but due to a few life changing tragedies in a short space of time the comfort eating began and unfortunately continued. My husband has always supported me and loved me despite my size but knew how much my weight was affecting me and suggested the Alevere diet and I’m so glad he did. I found the diet very easy to follow and the support from the clinic was brilliant and very encouraging every time I attended. The variety of nutritionally balanced food and drink sachets has been great and along with the addition mineral supplements I have felt really well. Having started the diet in a size 14 (perhaps even bordering 16 although I struggle to admit that even in secret to myself) I am now in a size 10/12 and feeling wonderful. My holiday was the highlight of my year. I wore shorts with little tops – no long sun dresses to walk down to the beach for me – and even wore the shorts out when I got home – no changing into cropped jeans or long linen trousers to go down to the shops, such a great feeling. To think in less than 6 months I am now enjoying life and having fun with my children, laughing with them while jumping around on our trampoline in the back garden, choosing any dress off a clothes rail to wear to my nieces wedding and feeling great, and the highlight was the photo shoot to accompany this testimonial – something I previously wouldn’t have even considered. Don’t think this diet can’t work for you because it can and could be the most life changing thing you ever do.
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Jeanette lost 4st 7lbs in 21 weeks

Due to working long hours with my nursing career, it gave me little time for myself and over the past few years my weight had increased. Overall, this was making me feel unhealthy. I was prescribed medication for backache and oesophageal reflux disease. One day, whilst I was out driving, I saw an advertisement for Alevere on the back of a bus and decided to make the call to the clinic. I have tried many diets over the years with little success, but this has been the best decision I ever made and have not looked back since. I started the programme last September, weighing in at 14 stone. My target was to lose 4 stone, which I achieved in March this year. I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the staff including the GPs for being a great source of support. Everybody has been very friendly. My health has much improved and I am no longer on medication. I am much more confident now and very happy with my new look. I have gone from a size 16/18 to a size 10/12. I feel fantastic and have bags of energy to chase my 18 month old grandson around. I’ve learnt a lot from this experience and have started at the gym and intend to maintain my new look.
before and after weight loss 12

Ian lost 5st 4lbs in 12 weeks

Best thing since a slice of cake! After seeing a picture of myself at Christmas 2015, l decided to do something so l took the plunge and phoned Alevere. Hard bit done. The diet is simple, follow it as advised, and watch the pounds fall off, and they literally did. The hardest thing is walking through the doors, but remember everyone there is in your shoes. I feel 21 again.
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Alison lost 1st 3lbs in 4 weeks

My experience of the Alevere program has been great! The plan is easy to follow with lots of options, I never felt hungry and enjoyed the quick and good results. It has definitely helped me to feel healthy again and happy with my shape.
before and after weight loss 14

Stephen lost 4st 6lbs in 12 weeks

As a man, I thought I would feel very uncomfortable attending the Alevere clinic for the weight loss programme. However the staff are so friendly, I felt at ease straight away and looked forward to my weekly visits. Because the diet is so structured, I knew exactly what I could eat and that made it very easy for me. I lost the weight very quickly. I would recommend the diet to anyone.
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Andrew lost 10st in 24 weeks

Having reached a point in my life where type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea had begun to take their toll on my body & daily living, I knew that I had to do something about it or I would continue to decline. Having started the diet on a large daily dose of insulin and tablets for diabetes, this has now reduced to negligible levels, and whilst I know I will never not be diabetic, I have realised that I still hold the key to controlling the condition rather than it controlling me. I am no longer being medicated for hypertension and will shortly have the diagnosis of sleep apnoea removed from my list of medical conditions. The health benefits of the diet have been both massive and tangible, and have altered the course of my life. Alevere has taught me things about myself, my determination, and my desire to start living again rather than existing. I have also completely revised my relationship with food. I now understand nutrition and how to correctly fuel the body. These are lessons that I will carry with me now as I look to the future as a significantly smaller man. In the year ahead, I am planning to use my new found energy to become fitter and healthier. My goal is to participate in a 10k run later on in the year. All of this would have been beyond my wildest dreams this time last year.
before and after weight loss 16

Ariane lost 4st 4lbs in 22 weeks

Wow. 22 weeks ago I was looking at a long haul to shift around 4.5 stone. The losses have been consistent and now it’s all over. I’ve lost just over 4 stone and am happy with that. Now I want to continue running and doing other exercise to tone up rather than lose more weight. I am a little apprehensive about doing this alone, without the plan and support every week, so I’ve decided to keep going to the clinic through August and be weighed and have treatments. Of course some weeks I’m on holiday, but knowing I have an appointment regularly will hopefully keep me focused as I learn more about balancing my diet myself. I feel fabulous though and this week was photographed for my after shots for the clinic. My hair and make up all done and two lovely dresses to wear. It was a very long day, but a lot of fun. I’ve seen the photos too and they are fab. Of course the photographs have made me realise the difference the weight loss has made to how I look. My before photo is quite shocking. I look shattered and am not even standing up straight! This week I’ve also noticed people smiling at me more than they ever have before; at first I was baffled, why are all these people smiling and noticing me more? I think it could well be that I am smiling more, rather than hurrying back to my desk to hide away, I’m smiling and chatting more to the people around me and it feels great!
before and after weight loss 17

Susan lost 4st 4lbs in 23 weeks

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be 50 and frumpy. Five years later, I was saying the same thing despite joining a gym and a slimming club. At the start of January, I was told, after having a healthcheck at the doctors, that I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes and that I needed to lose 10% of my body weight in two months. By the end of February everything was still the same. It was now time for some drastic action! Luckily, one day coming home from work in rush hour traffic, I was stuck behind a bus advertising Alevere. As soon as I got home I looked it up on the internet and booked in for a consultation. It turned out that I had a very low metabolism, which is key when trying to lose weight. I started the programme in March and haven’t looked back since. I have lost just over 4 stone in 5 months and have gone from size 18 to 12. My blood pressure and blood sugar is back to normal and I feel amazing. My friends, family and colleagues at work have all been very supportive. They keep telling me how proud they are and give me compliments daily. I have even started wearing dresses and skirts, which is amazing as I used to wear trousers all the time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alevere to anyone who is serious about losing weight and improving their health. This might sound strange but I have really enjoyed the programme and would like to thank the Doctors, Therapists and Reception Staff for all their help, encouragement and support.
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Pauline lost 4st 9lbs in 30 weeks

As my 60th birthday approached, I decided I needed to resolve both my health and weight issues. I started the Alevere plan and once I got to grips with the sachets, I found it suited me very well. The support of the doctors and all the other staff at the clinic made each stage easy. The weight soon disappeared and I started to feel good about myself for the first time in ages. I have more energy and no longer need all the medication I used to take. I enjoy life more than ever and revel in the compliments I receive on a daily basis. My only regret is not starting this programme earlier in my life.
before and after weight loss 19

Amanda lost 5st 6lbs in 23 weeks

I had tried lots of different diets over the years and was desperate to lose weight but my willpower was poor. I had seen and heard the advertisements for the Alevere clinic and decided I was going to give it a try. I knew all the success stories had to be true. All the staff at the clinic were very caring and professional, the diet was easy to follow and I was never hungry. As the weight came off, I could not believe how good I felt and how different I looked. I loved it. I lost 5 1/2 stone in 23 weeks and I feel amazing. My diet is so much healthier now thanks to Alevere. I feel like a teenager again as I’m the same weight I was back then.

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