Natalie lost 4st 8lbs in 19 weeks

A consultation with my doctor made me decide to become an Alevere patient – and I am so glad I made that decision. My GP refused to carry out any fertility tests on me because I was too fat, he said. I felt he was being unfair because I was fit and healthy but I became determined to lose weight.

I had always been big, and at one point I got bullied at school and even attacked because of it. I have a degree in chemistry so I read the information about Alevere very carefully, and it all made sense, so I decided to go ahead.

In my first week I lost eleven pounds and I lost every week after that. I was always the first to use humour as a defence mechanism about my size but I hated it inside. I appeared confident but in reality I walked around trying not to be seen.

The difference it has made to me is amazing, it is as if I suddenly exist. Now I can’t wait to see that doctor’s face next time he sees me.

before and after weight loss 4