Erica lost 3st 7lbs in 16 weeks

“That’ll never happen for me…it’s the type of thing that only happens to other people”, the Alevere advert had me believing I could wear shorts on holiday in a few months…and I did and I felt fantastic.

I’m a 46 year old housewife in a happy and stable marriage with two wonderful children but due to a few life changing tragedies in a short space of time the comfort eating began and unfortunately continued. My husband has always supported me and loved me despite my size but knew how much my weight was affecting me and suggested the Alevere diet and I’m so glad he did. I found the diet very easy to follow and the support from the clinic was brilliant and very encouraging every time I attended. The variety of nutritionally balanced food and drink sachets has been great and along with the addition mineral supplements I have felt really well. Having started the diet in a size 14 (perhaps even bordering 16 although I struggle to admit that even in secret to myself) I am now in a size 10/12 and feeling wonderful. My holiday was the highlight of my year. I wore shorts with little tops – no long sun dresses to walk down to the beach for me – and even wore the shorts out when I got home – no changing into cropped jeans or long linen trousers to go down to the shops, such a great feeling. To think in less than 6 months I am now enjoying life and having fun with my children, laughing with them while jumping around on our trampoline in the back garden, choosing any dress off a clothes rail to wear to my nieces wedding and feeling great, and the highlight was the photo shoot to accompany this testimonial – something I previously wouldn’t have even considered. Don’t think this diet can’t work for you because it can and could be the most life changing thing you ever do.

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