Susan lost 4st 4lbs in 23 weeks

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be 50 and frumpy. Five years later, I was saying the same thing despite joining a gym and a slimming club. At the start of January, I was told, after having a healthcheck at the doctors, that I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes and that I needed to lose 10% of my body weight in two months.

By the end of February everything was still the same. It was now time for some drastic action! Luckily, one day coming home from work in rush hour traffic, I was stuck behind a bus advertising Alevere. As soon as I got home I looked it up on the internet and booked in for a consultation. It turned out that I had a very low metabolism, which is key when trying to lose weight.

I started the programme in March and haven’t looked back since. I have lost just over 4 stone in 5 months and have gone from size 18 to 12. My blood pressure and blood sugar is back to normal and I feel amazing.

My friends, family and colleagues at work have all been very supportive. They keep telling me how proud they are and give me compliments daily. I have even started wearing dresses and skirts, which is amazing as I used to wear trousers all the time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alevere to anyone who is serious about losing weight and improving their health.

This might sound strange but I have really enjoyed the programme and would like to thank the Doctors, Therapists and Reception Staff for all their help, encouragement and support.

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