Christine lost 2st 6lbs in 12 weeks & Manuel lost 4st 5lbs in 12 weeks

Due to a very hectic lifestyle which involved extensive work travel and bringing up two children meant that, over the years, the weight gradually crept up and it soon got to a point, where our health and future outlook to life could have been compromised. Both Manuel and I found the Alevere Program very easy to follow due to its comprehensive structure and clear instructions, the range and variety of foods is extensive and we used our imagination to cook certain foods in different ways.

We particularly enjoyed the vanilla dessert and chocolate bars. It was also essential that our weight loss journey would fit in with our family and working life. This program has clearly educated us on successfully achieving a fine partnership of a healthy lifestyle and enjoying family and work life, with a positive attitude. If we both did it, so can you. Life is all about achieving your dreams, which you can with the right help and support, so why wait…

before and after weight loss 20