Dawn lost 5st 1lb in 20 weeks

5 months ago I entered the Alevere clinic feeling the worst I ever have. After only a few weeks on the plan, I felt healthier and the weight started to fall off. My sugar cravings went away and I had so much more energy than before. Seeing the weight come off gave me encouragement to keep going. I now feel that I know how to eat properly. The plan has taught me to think about what I am putting into my body. I found the plan very easy to stick to, not like other diets where you know you can have cheat days.

The Alevere plan 100% works if you stick at it and do not cheat. I found this very easy. I truly cannot believe the transformation in myself and not just physically, but emotionally too. I feel great, the best I have ever felt. My family can see the difference in me. I now love to shop for clothes. I am so happy with myself and am truly grateful to Alevere Team for helping and encouraging me these 5 past months. I feel my life has changed forever because I now know how and what to eat.

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