Margaret lost 5st 5lbs in 30 weeks

I am absolutely delighted to be at this point, 6 stone lighter in a matter of months! I was so skeptical to begin with, as I have struggled with my weight since I was eight years old. I have lost weight steadily and consistently yet have never been hungry!

I am now size 16 and a shapely 16 at that. I get complements daily and feel amazing! I so look forward to walking into any shop and picking out clothes that I know will fit! This is such a novel experience for me! I fear that I will ‘wake-up’ and it was all a dream! Life is so very different now! I had given up on myself, but now, it’s a case of ‘what’s next?’

I owe it all to Alevere and all the lovely people at the clinic. I want to thank all the Doctors and Therapists who have treated me and the Receptionists for their very warm welcome each week. I will always be grateful for the support and encouragement I have received each week and feel confident in recommending both the system and the clinic to anyone who has a serious desire to lose weight and change their life for the better.

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